Making Ohio's 11th District the Best in America: Laverne Gore's Financial Initiatives

Laverne Gore's Financial Initiatives

Laverne spent her whole life in Cleveland, strongly associated with the state of Ohio. After graduating from John Adams High School, she was educated in Cleveland Public Schools and earned her Bachelor's degree in Economics, and Organizational Development from Pitzer College, one of the Claremont Colleges in California. While simultaneously working and raising a family, she continued her education, earning Master's degrees in Adult Education (M.Ed.) from Cleveland State University and in Public Health (M.P.H.) from the Northeast Ohio Medical University.

Laverne's experience and knowledge base allow her to broadly assess the community's needs and propose initiatives that the people of the 11th district really need.

Affordable Housing

Everything always starts with basic human needs. For example, it is unlikely that someone can be a good worker if he has nowhere to live.

Housing conditions play a significant role in the life of every person. According to Laverne, a person cannot be happy without a practical kitchen and a comfortable bedroom. If a person has nowhere to rest and cook food, then he will take care of all his other affairs without much interest. According to Maslow's Pyramid, a secure home closes the first two steps of the pyramid and opens the way for more ambitious projects.

That's why Laverne insists that mortgages should be more affordable, including for people with bad credit.

At the moment, Americans spend huge amounts on rent, and it would be better if they spent this money on covering the mortgage on their own homes.

Educational Loans

Laverne knows very well how important education is; she did not just work so hard, getting degree after degrees. College education undoubtedly opens many more doors for the graduate than could be opened without education. Nevertheless, we must not forget that higher education significantly broadens one's horizons, helps to better understand the world and all the processes that take place in it.

Mrs. Gore, as a mother, knows perfectly well that all parents want to give their children the best. But she also knows that, unfortunately, not all parents can afford to pay for such an expensive thing as a college education.

Because she proposes to make student loans more affordable, federal student loans are certainly good, but they are not available to everyone. Laverne believes the district needs private student loans that will allow children to continue their education without leaving them with a hole in their pockets.

Loans for Bad Credit without Predatory Rates

Unlike banks, Laverne believes in second chances. Therefore, she proposes to make loans more affordable for people with bad credit. As most products introduced to the market are quite expensive, Laverne Gore stands for creating new personal loans for bad credit that will have a reasonable price.

We all make mistakes in life. We cross the road in the wrong place, violate the rules of the road, and throw garbage into the wrong container. But even if you make a mistake, you should have a chance to correct it. Laverne believes that this should also apply to those who, in the past, were careless with a loan, made late payments, or did not make them. Perhaps circumstances required investing in something else more important for life. Maybe it was a mistake of youth. However, people with bad credit also need money, so they need to be able to borrow it without paying predatory rates.

In this way, bad credit holders can not only get the funds they need but also improve their credit rating, which will open up even more opportunities for them in the future.


Reasonable consumption and reuse have long entered our lives. Laverne believes that not only people deserve a second chance but also things that have lost their need for the previous owners.

Therefore, she suggests organizing a place every weekend where people can sell what they no longer need and buy what they might need. Thanks to such places, people will get rid of unnecessary things and save on buying something new.

In addition, this is an excellent contribution to the environment, which suffers more and more every year. And which is extremely important to preserve for our children and grandchildren.

Price Regulation for Essential Goods

Rising prices, inflation - all this puts pressure on every community member. That's why Laverne believes that price regulation for essential goods is vital.

Of course, there are things that we can live without, although we would very much like to have them. But there is something without which we cannot live. And it should be accessible to everyone, regardless of salary and standard of living. So we must support the inhabitants of our city and help them get on their feet, says Mrs. Gore.

Care for Children

Children are our future, our most incredible value, and meaning in life. Mrs. Gore, as a mother, understands this very well. That is why she proposes to increase the number of kindergartens so that all working parents are calm and confident in the safety of their children.

As much as we want to give our children all the attention, we have to earn money, and Laverne understands this very well. Therefore, she proposes delegating part of the care for children to kindergartens so that everyone can do what is necessary without fear for their kids' health.

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Ohio’s District 11 is the second poorest congressional district in the nation, but with your support for this effort, we can spark the potential and turn it into one of the best! 

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