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Why Laverne is Going to Congress...


If there were ever a time in history it is now . . . if there were ever a place in America . . . it is truly Congressional District 11 . . . 

We must change the tired politics of the past in Ohio Congressional District 11. We must forge new coalitions that will ensure a better future for all citizens. We must continue the efforts that have brought about great changes in Washington. The battleground now shifts to the cities, where promises are delivered, where dreams are realized. Where political change actually impacts people's lives for better or worse.


District 11 knows the ravages of "worst" first hand. From the weather to the economy, from crime statistics to the schools, from the housing and mortgage market to the price of food, fuel and medicine. I could list the details, but almost every family and business in this district is suffering the details. What is called for is action, and that action calls for change.


I am working now to recruit and organize a Campaign which promises to govern on behalf of its citizens, not just the connected few . . . that promises to lead, govern and care about the well being of its citizens. 


Leadership that is competent, intelligent, compassionate and effective in these trying times. Leadership that welcomes new ideas . . . and has the will to act to get things done on behalf of Congressional District 11. Now is the time for ACTION and CHANGE in Ohio’s Congressional District 11!

-Laverne Jones Gore, Candidate 

Laverne's vision for the future of Ohio's 11th District

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We are in this race to win it!.

But only if we stand united, together e can make history. We need you to be a part of it. Join us now!

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