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I am Laverne Gore

I stand for Republican initiatives, constitutional freedoms, equality, and prosperity for each American.

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Democratic values fail to teach success

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District 11?

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Laverne's Solutions

Only 33% of our neighbors can read

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Laverne will lift us to succeed

Laverne's American Dream

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Laverne's America makes us Great

How Can You Help?

If we, as a nation can come together and hold our elected officials accountable in serving their constituents, there will be more positive outcomes. I believe together we can make a difference. 

We NEED NEW AND EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP IN CONGRESS. Please donate to my efforts of serving as the next Congresswoman of Ohio’s 11th Congressional District before it’s too late!

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Ohio’s District 11 is the second poorest congressional district in the nation, but with your support for this effort, we can spark the potential and turn it into one of the best! 

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